Man of Action, Man of Intrigue!

Colonel Moses Blackwell

Man of Action, Man of Intrigue!

Rumored to have lived in the Serengeti where a pride of Lions taught him the ways of the plains, it is said that he gained an uncanny ability to speak with animals. During his time with the French Foreign Legion, he accrued 3,072 kills and 47 assists. He feasts on the innards of an antelope from time to time, but mostly concentrates on suppressing the urge to kill anyone.

Julius Serpentine, Father of the Masses

Julius Serpentine

Father of the masses, Awesome to most!

A graduate of the Oxmore School of Black Magic, Mr. Serpentine only uses his powers for the betterment of society. By “betterment of society” Mr. Serpentine usually means planting his seed in hot women. He has been called “Black Magic Johnny Appleseed” as well as “Homewrecker.”

He is an extremely self-satisfied man.