Rusty gears creak once more

December 14th, 2010

It seems like we have this talk too often (or maybe not often enough), but here we are again on the cusp of another awakening.

Once more, we lost our way for a while, trying to pin down the nebulous, attempting to define the undefinable, clarifying that which needed no clarification.

It’s possible you’ll note some changes around here soon, and by changes, I mostly mean we’ll be updating things. What things, you may ask? Well, imagine that we’re updating something. Now, you’ll notice that once you’re finished doing the complicated math, that it is a 100% increase from the former amount of updating, which was nothing.

Come back when you’re finished being impressed.

Now that you’re back, let’s go into some of the things that we’ve been working or have decided without mentioning it.

  1. We’ve updated Instant Chewbacca: Not only is he using HTML5 (so you can use him on your mobile devices and modern, awesome browsers), he also has a Twitter account. Follow him at @instantchewie.
  2. I’ve disabled my personal Twitter account: In order to focus on official Slantmouth stuff, I’m killing off @MosesBlackwell. Not me, obviously, but the Twitter account. Officially, I’ll be publishing through Slantmouth’s Twitter account, which as you know, is @slantmouth.
  3. We’ve added a resource: While we’re not prepared to start making full disclosures quite yet, when we release a project that our new lad has worked on, we’ll be giving credit and making the official announcement.

That list sounded longer in my head. At any rate, we’ll be shifting some things around, updating more often, and making a pledge to be more productive.

For you, our dear readers/followers/ne’er-do-wells, thanks for bearing with us.

Finally, many of you likely don’t know this, but January 1st marks the passing of Slantmouth’s fifth year. That may not sound like a lot, but five years in internet-time is like dog years, only with a lot more full-frontal nudity. One would hope… or not…

While we haven’t worked on Slantmouth projects 100% for those incredible five years, we’re proud of the work we’ve done through this speaker box we call a site, and we’d like to thank all of the folks who’ve helped us, inspired us, and kept us going for this long.

Stay tuned for some more good old fashioned, Slantmouth-brand awesome.