Long time, no see

February 28th, 2010

This is a message for all of you. A transmission regarding quality, not quantity. A grouping of thoughts about the nature of Slantmouth, and the internet at large.

For a long time, as we have previously mentioned, we broke our necks to bring you new, quality articles every single week, without fail. Sandwiched between our jobs, our lives, our other interests, sometimes we’d win, sometimes we’d fail, and sometimes we phoned it in. Daddy’s tired, darling. Go talk to your mother.

Once this phase passed, we made a firm decision to do fewer, but better, projects. What we ultimately found was that it scattered our vision, obscured our focus, and ultimately failed in execution. We had several months where things hummed, then they trickled off. We didn’t want to get stuck doing one-offs or god-forsaken lists forever. We don’t want to game the system (which is surprisingly easy), or create disingenuous (or easy, crappy) products¬† for the sake of generating traffic or revenue or notoriety. Frankly, these things are sickening. They’re dishonest to your audience, and more than anything, treats them (and you) like a bunch of morons.

We’re not here for them. We’re here for you.

So yes, while we could crank out “hilarious” comics listing things we don’t genuinely care about, or create about a thousand “Do I Have Swine Flu”s or “Instant Chewbacca”s, we won’t. We are completely aware this would result in massive amounts of traffic. We are completely aware that this would allow us to make more money at this. We do not care.

We will continue to experiment with what works, and post them here when they’re done. We hope you enjoy them.

Mother Slantmouth will continue to produce things we’re proud of. We’re hard at work creating new things for you and for us.

Finally, I’d like to say that it would be good for the internet and good for the world if more people sat down and carefully considered their actions before acting. There’s an old adage:

You can have it  done right, have it done cheap, or have it done fast. Pick two.

Since we don’t make much (read: anything) on this endeavor, we’re going to opt to do it right. We hope others will join us.