Don’t Die. Thanks.

February 24th, 2011

Surprisingly, even to us, the Slantmouth web presence has been updated quite frequently in the last month. You can thank the the power of just talking about nonsense in front of microphones once a week for that.

The podcast publishing schedule has been all over the place, but we’re working hard to stabilize it. So, expect new episodes Wednesdays or Thursdays. While everyone likes a good surprise now and then, we feel like we’ve being surprising people more than enough by actually updating anything at all. We don’t want to be responsible for one of the geriatric, pill-huffing members of our audience dropping dead from surprise-related cardiac arrest because our latest podcast sprung on them like a tiger hiding in the tall grass. A little warning will go a long way towards us not being sued and having to take a court ordered ‘casting hiatus, registering the show on iTunes as a lethal weapon, and sponge bathing seniors at a nursing home to complete our community service hours.

In completely unrelated news, I’ll be hanging out with people who make videogames for a living next week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. I’ll try to count the number of anime tee shirts and pit stains while I’m there. Look for updates on an upcoming podcast.