Both a mistake and a test occurred!

February 6th, 2011

If you subscribe to our RSS feed, you may have noticed a test post go out a little while ago, which can be broken down into bad news and good news… I’ll go ahead and give you both.

Bad news: I didn’t intend for it to hit the RSS feed, it totally did!
Good news: The test totally worked!

Yes, this was a test for our new project, previously mentioned here, and yes, we’re actually on schedule!

You should look forward to checking out the first episode of this venture on Wednesday, most likely, but it could be any time this week. This means you should set your excitement settings to “holy crap,” only to be completely disappointed.

At any rate, prepare for greatness this week. I’ll be doing another post to announce the launch of the new project.

Stay tuned, loyal readers!