All Quiet on the Western Front

August 27th, 2009

From the outside it would seem like nothing has been happening at Slantmouth Industries recently, but if you peel back the surface you will see all kinds of ideas and projects humming along. Though, we prefer that you didn’t peel back the surface because, in this case, the surface is our collective scalp, which when peeled back just reveals our collective skull, which you’d have to peel back to have any chance of seeing our collective brain where all kinds of interesting (and probably horrifying) ideas are being worked on. However, by that point you’d officially be a psychotic murderer, so let’s forget we said anything about peeling things back, okay?

Just take our word for it, we are busy working on several things and very soon, you’ll taste the fruits of our hard labor. The fruit will be delicious and make you forget all about that time you thought about killing us in a disturbing ritualized manner. If you think about it, we’ll be more excited about new content than you will, because people will stop thinking about wanting to kill us.

It’s a win-win situation.